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Below is a compiled list of links on various aspects of Ramadan. Since there are many questions and topics related to this blessed month, we figured it best to offer this resource to help answer many questions that might come up during your fast.

Expiation for not Fasting

  1. Breaking one's fast in Ramadaan deliberately, with no excuse
  2. Expiation for one who had intercourse with his wife during the day in Ramadan
  3. Ruling on one who has intercourse with his wife during the day in Ramadaan a number of times, not knowing the ruling
  4. She reached the age of puberty but she did not fast Ramadaan
  5. Ruling on one who breaks the fast because he is working in intense heat
  6. She has not yet made up the fasts that she missed
  7. She did not fast because of shyness
  8. Not fasting because of sickness
  9. What should a person who did not fast do?
  10. Fasting only once per month
  11. Forcing a wife to have sexual intercourse when fasting


Fasting of Those who are Exempt

  1. The meaning of the hadeeth "It is not an act of righteousness to fast when travelling"
  2. Is it better for one who is sick not to fast in Ramadaan?
  3. Exams are not an excuse for not fasting in Ramadaan
  4. What is the sickness which permits a fasting person to break his fast?
  5. Ruling on fasting for one who is diabetic, and when is it permissible for him not to fast?
  6. Ruling on the fast of a pregnant woman who is affected by fasting
  7. Reasons for which one may excused from fasting in Ramadaan
  8. Which is better - breaking one's fast when travelling or fasting?
  9. Making up Ramadaan fasts missed because of childbirth
  10. When can a menstruating woman fast?
  11. Can a menstruating woman fast?
  12. Her period or nifaas stopped after Fajr - what should she do?
  13. She did not fast because she was worried about her nursing baby
  14. If a Muslim moves to another country during Ramadaan
  15. Is there any other way to compensate for missed fasts due to pregnancy and breastfeeding apart from fasting those days at a later time?
  16. Making Up Fasting for a Woman who's Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Breastfeeding Prevented her from Fasting


Things Permitted for the Fasting Person

  1. Putting on perfume in Ramadaan
  2. Insulin injections taken by a diabetic do not invalidate the fast
  3. Is saying "Ramadan Mubarak" be bid'ah
  4. Speaking to one's fiancée over the phone when fasting
  5. Ruling on husband and wife playing while fasting
  6. There is no connection between fasting and cutting one's nails or shaving one's pubic hairs
  7. Ruling on using kohl, henna and cosmetics
  8. Using something to remove bad breath during Ramadaan
  9. Having dental treatment whilst fasting
  10. Ruling on skin patches in Ramadaan
  11. Delaying ghusl for janaabah (impurity following sexual activity) until after dawn has broken in Ramadaan
  12. Intercourse during non-daylight hours in the month of Ramadaan
  13. Brushing Teeth while fasting


Things Recommended for the Fasting Person

  1. Du'aa' of the fasting person when breaking his fast
  2. When should the fasting person break his fast?
  3. The Sunnah is to hasten to break one's fast


Taraaweeh Prayer and Laylatul Qadr

  1. Taraweeh prayer is not obligatory
  2. Ruling on following the imam from the house
  3. Numbers of rak'ahs in Taraaweeh prayer
  4. What can a woman who is menstruating do on Laylat al-Qadr?
  5. Is the du'aa' of Witr obligatory, and what should a person say if he cannot memorize it?
  6. Imitating other imams' voices in Taraaweeh prayer
  7. Saying lengthy du'aa' during Taraaweeh prayer
  8. Praying Taraaweeh in congregation in Ramadaan is Sunnah and not a bid'ah (innovation)
  9. Praying Taraaweeh at home/putting cream on the body when fasting
  10. Holding the Mus-haf for one who is following an imaam is contrary to the Sunnah
  11. He prayed an extra rak'ah in Taraaweeh
  12. Should children be stopped from coming to the mosque?
  13. Can we join ‘Isha and Taraaweeh together with Maghrib in Ramadaan if it is raining?
  14. The imaam forgot and stood up for a third rak'ah in Salaat al-Taraaweeh,then he sat down
  15. Ruling on reading from the Mus-haf during prayer
  16. Following the imaam until he finishes Taraaweeh
  17. Adding another rak'ah to the imaam's witr because one wants to pray some more
  18. The virtues of Qiyaam (prayer at night) during Ramadaan
  19. Is there a difference between qiyaam and taraaweeh?
  20. Ruling on Salaat ul Taraaweeh for Women

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