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  1. When was fasting enjoined?
  2. Attributes of the one who gains the reward for giving iftaar to one who is fasting
  3. When should the person who is travelling by plane break his fast?
  4. Spending time watching movies and soap operas and playing games in Ramadaan
  5. Imsaak (stopping eating) a few minutes before Fajr is bid'ah
  6. Extravagance in food and drink during Ramadaan
  7. For whom is fasting Ramadaan obligatory?
  8. How to pray and fast in countries where the day or night is continuous
  9. Those who used to fast will be called from the gate of al-Rayyaan
  10. Ruling on eating suhoor whilst the muezzin is giving the call to prayer
  11. Eating out of forgetfulness in Ramadan does not matter
  12. The ruling on one who kissed a girl who was a stranger (non-mahram) to him in Ramadaan
  13. Ruling on breaking one's fast in Ramadaan because of exams
  14. She wants to fast but she does not cover her face or hair
  15. Where does Waswaas( bad thoughts) come from in Ramadaan
  16. Stopping one's period during Ramadaan
  17. Fasting in countries where the day is very short or very long
  18. Breaking the Fast and Maghrib (Sunset) Prayer
  19. Ruling of non-Muslim Fasting
  20. When to Start Ordering the Young to Fast
  21. Time for Imsaak (Starting the Fast) when the Calendar Times are Different
  22. He Completed Fasting 30 Days Then Arrived in a Country Still on their 30th day
  23. Fasting During Short Days In Ramadan


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