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[20] The forts of Na’im, Qamus and Ash-Shiqq were some of the famous forts of Khaybar. Yaqubi says that Khaybar then had 25, 000 able-bodied warriors. (Vol. 2, p. 56, cited from Mujib Ullah Nadwi, Sahabah was Tabi’yin, Azamgarh)

[21] With the Jews straining every nerve to bring about the destruction of Muslims, as Montgomery Watt says in his book, Muhammad – Prophet and Stateman (p. 189), the action against Khaybar could not have been posponed any longer. Montgomery writes: The Jews of Khaybar, especially the leaders of the clan of an-Nadir exiled from Madina, were still incensed at Muhammad. They made lavish, though no doubt judicious, use of their wealth to induce the neighbouringward reason for attacking Khaybar.

[22] Ibn Kathi, Vol. III, pp. 344-45, Muslim, Chap. Ghawaz Khaybar.

[23] Ibn Kathi, Vol. III, pp. 345-46, Muslim, Chap. Ghawaz Khaybar.

[24] Bukhari and Muslim, Chap. Gazwah Khaybar

[25] Bukhari, Chap. Gazwah Khaybar, Muslim, Nasa'i

[26] Bukhari, Chap. Ghazwah Khaybar, Muslim, Naza’i. 3. The encounter between ‘Ali and marhabah has been reported by different persons – some say they fought for the fort of Na’im while other relate it connextion with the forth of Qamus. Bukhari has given different portions of the story but has not mentioned the name forth. Ibn Hisham relates that Marhab killed by Muhammad B. Maslama but report in the Sahi Muslim mentions ‘Ali while some verse by ‘Ali leave no doubt that he fought and killed Marhab. (Musli, Kitab-ul-Jihad, tradition No. 1807).

[27] The population of Fadak consisted of the Jews belonging to Bani Murrah and Bani S’ad b. Bakr (Nihayatul ‘Arab, Vol XVII, p. 209).

[28] Wadi l-Qura was valley with large number of village and towns, populated by Arab and Jewish tribes. It had a fertile land with numerous wells and springs.

[29] Taima is further away from Wadi-Qura in the north near the confined of Syria. The noted Jewish poet, Sama’al b. ‘Adiya lived here in a castle called al-Ablaq al-Fard

[30] Bukahri, Chap. ‘Umratul Qada.

[31] The Prophet had a vision that he was entering the Sanctuary at Makkah in peace and safety.

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