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Muhammad Alshareef

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Blood had soaked his clothes crimson red, his bones had clearly snapped in several places. To tell the truth, he looked like he was staring into the eyes of death.

He continued to read in his unique, tender voice. Reciting each verse in proper rhythm. In my entire life, I had never heard any recitation like it. I said to myself, I'm ... I'm going to instruct him to say the Shahadah just like I saw my friend doing; especially since I had previous experience.

My partner and I listened intently to that soft voice. I felt a shiver shock my back and up my arm, the hair stood.

Suddenly, the hymn ceased. I watched silently as his hand rose softly. He had his index finger pointed upward to the heavens, saying the Shahadah (La ilaha illa Allah/There is no god but Allah). Then ... his head slumpt. Nothing.

I jumped to the back seat, felt his hand, his heart, his breathing. He was dead!

I couldn't stop staring at him. A tear fell but I hid it in shame. I turned back to my partner and told him that the boy's life had ceased - he burst out loud crying. Seeing a man cry like that, I could not control myself and my partner faded away behind the fall of my own tears. The patrol car fogged from the emotions.

We arrived at the hospital. As we rushed through the corridors, we told all the doctors, nurses, and onlookers what had happened. So many people were affected by what we said, some stood there speechless and tearful.

No one wanted to lose sight of the boy until they had been assured of the time and place he would be buried.

One of the hospital staff phoned the boys home. His brother picked it up and was told of the accident.

His brother told us about him: He used to go out every Monday to visit his only grandmother outside of town. Whenever he visited her, he made sure to spend time with the poor children idling the streets and the orphans.

The town knew him - he was the one that would bring them the Islamic books and tapes. His dusty Mazda would be filled with rice and sugar and even candies – couldn't forget the candies – for those families who were in need.

He would not stand for anyone to discourage him from the long journey to that town. He would always politely reply that the long drive gave him time to review his Quran and listen to Islamic lectures on his cassette deck.

And ... and that with every step to the town he hoped for the reward he would find with Allah...

It is true, brothers and sisters, that Allah is Merciful and forgives and forgives. ("Yet I am quite Forgiving ... ") But to whom? (" ... towards anyone who turns (in repentance) and believes and acts honorable; then he will be guided.")

[Surah Taha 20/82]

"O our people! Respond to Allah's Caller (Muhammad - sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) and believe in him, Allah will forgive you of your sins and will save your from a painful torment."

[Surah al-Ahqaf 46/31]

Just like we reply someone's call when they phone us - this is Allah and His Messenger calling us! Let us answer.

There is a verse in the Qur'an that when Shaytaan read it he cried and felt regret. Read this verse, it is the door to our happiness in this life and the next:

"And those who, if they commit an immorality or wrong themselves, remember Allah and seek forgiveness for their sins - and who can forgive sins except Allah? - and who do not persist in what they have done while they know."

Allah then continues: "For those - their reward is forgiveness from their Lord and gardens beneath which rivers flow (in Jannah), wherein they shall abide eternally. Excellent is the reward of the (righteous) workers."

[Surah Ali-Imraan 3/135,136]

Allah sent the Prophets and the books; He sent the warners and glad tiders; and He sent the reminders. And atop all that, Allah comes down to Samaa' ad-Dunya - in a way befitting of His Majesty - in the third portion of the night - every night - calling to every one of His servants: "Is there anyone who shall make Dua' so that I shall accept His Du'a? Is there anyone who shall ask for pardon so that I may pardon him?"

Dear brothers and sisters, let us make a pledge tonight to set our alarm clocks at 2 am in the morning. We all know that if there was some special sports event on tv or someone had to catch a plane at that time they would be capable of waking up.

Let's set the alarm to pray only 2 raka'at to Allah. And in Sajdah, recall just one sin - just one - between us and Allah and ask Allah ta'ala to forgive us for that sin, pledging that we shall never return to it.

Rasul Allah - sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam - taught us that Allah is more pleased with the repentance of His servant than a man who loses his camel in the desert and in that waste land loses hope of life; In that state he sits down awaiting death to come; then he opens his eyes and finds his camel standing beside him with all the provisions to take him home. In his extreme happiness he cries out: "O Allah, you are my servant and I am your Lord!!" He said it wrong from the bliss of happiness.

Rasul Allah - sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam - said that verily Allah is more happy with our towbah then this man!

Tonight at 2 am , let's all try to make Allah happy with us. Believe me, we won't regret it.

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