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I want to conclude by saying that, my young brothers and sisters, do realize that whatever your parents are doing, they are doing it out of a sense of love and protection.  Sometimes you don’t understand the rules and yes, sometimes the rules are really not correct and not smart rules, but they are doing it out of love.  You cannot compare that to what Ibrahim’s father did.  They are doing it to protect you.  They are doing it to make you a better person.

And realize that no matter how harsh they are with you and how much they might get angry and scold you, believe you me, at the end of the day – and I speak on behalf of all the parents here – we’re very proud of each and every one of you.  We’re proud of all that you have accomplished.  We are proud that you are doing far more than we could have done.  And I know that sometimes we don’t say it as much as we should.  I know that we sometimes don’t encourage you too much, and we’re always just rebuking you and scolding you and telling you to do this and that, but deep down inside, we’re so proud of everything that you have done.

And I want to tell you as a parent that all that I am doing for my kids and all that your parents are doing for you, everything that is being done is for you and for the future generations.  We are building this mosques not for me but for you, and we are having schools not for me but for you.  We’re going to work and earning money not for me but for you.  All that we do, my young brothers and sisters, is meant for you because you are our pride and you are what gives us motivation.  You are what allows us to be what we are.

A lot of times we don’t say that as we should, but that’s how parents are that we can’t communicate our feelings like that, but I’ll speak on behalf of your parents, and I’m saying this to my own kids as well that we are very proud of you, and we want you to have the best of this world and the next, and we want you to know that if we fall short and if we do things that we shouldn’t do, we are doing this because we don’t have experience.  You are our kids.  We are doing everything that we can, and we are doing this to make the world a better place for you.  We are doing this to give you the best that we possibly can in this world and in the next.

And we hope that insha’Allah wa ta’ala that you are going to continue to make us proud and are going to continue to make us motivated.  And we hope that once we are gone from this earth and you have your own children that you will then also pass that legacy down to them because we realize that the best legacy that we can give you is the legacy of Islam, and the best prize that we can protect for you is the prize to be a Muslim.

We pray that Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) causes all of us to live as Muslims and die as Muslims and to be resurrected as Muslims.  Ameen.

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